What is LucyArts


what is LucyArts exactly and why we created it?

The Story of LucyArts:

This is Lucy, you know her maybe from our other blog and she lives together with our other cats and dogs and when we thought about LucyArts and the name, we found it fits to our already existing page and she is as unique as the designs we made for our LucyArts Line!

Why we created LucyArts:

There are many Shops and Websites out there offering custom animal designs, especially for dogs and cats, but we always found them not so creative and less appealing to us. Of course, every ones taste is different, but we wanted to create something that is very limited and very unique.

This is true for our designs as well for the products we choose, you won`t find our designs on common print applications such as T-Shirts ( at least not yet ), we looking more for products that are unique and offer a way to show your love to cats and dogs in a not too overwhelming way.


What can you expect from LucyArts:

With LucyArts we want to create unique designs on unique products. At the moment we offer custom designed phone cases and apple watch bands in a very limited edition.

    That said, we continue to create new designs and will make them available on more products and if you like our designs and have a great idea for a product it should be on, do not hesitate and use our contact form to drop us a little message :)