Who is Lucy?

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thank you for visiting Lucy, Us and our little Shop LucyPaws™!

lucybedpawicon Who is Lucy?:

This is Lucy, one of our cat's and she lives together with our 2nd cat maya ( which you can see on the front page ) and our 2 dogs. Lucy always had a lot of anxiety problems, which was the start of LucyPaws™ and the Rest....is history :)

lucybedpawicon Who we are:

We are Bhing, Markus and Skyler, a little Family which loves to be with our 2 cats and 2 dogs and of course we love to take care of them as good as possible, since they are part of our family.

who we are

lucybedpawicon Why we created LucyPaws™:

We tried many cushions and beds for our loved ones and also many other dog and cat care products and accessories, but they never really felt comfortable in it or with it, one of our cats ( Lucy ) also has a bit anxiety, so in most cat / dog beds she did not feel very comfortable.

Most Cat & Dog Beds have 3 major flaws:

  • they not very comfortable for them
  • Many Cats & Dogs do not feel secure
  • hard to clean and wash

So we founded LucyPaws™ trying to find a solution for us and others. We are not consider our self really as entrepreneurs, even though we kinda are, but our most important and driving factor was to find a solution that helps us and others and keep our loved ones sound and save with sweet dreams while they sleep!

lucybedpawicon Our Mission:

We went out to source manufacturers who would be able to produce the cushion beds to our specifications and our own cats and dogs as well they ones from our friends been the testers and we finally found the perfect cushion bed.

So here we are, proud of our LucyPaws™ and sharing it with you, hoping it solves the same problems for you as it did for us, so we all can enjoy having happy cats and dogs which feel comfortable in their beds even when you travel.

lucybedpawicon Our Expansion:

Meanwhile, as we have seen how successful our LucyBed was and is and our customers appreciate how carefully we select the product, we have expanded our products into more care and accessory products, which we use our self, have them thoroughly tested and only if they are truly amazing for the pet and the owner and also unique and not easily available in a normal pet store, we offer them here. 

Yes, we select very very carefully!