With Covid-19 upon us all over the world, so many lives, people and businesses have been affected and of course also animals, our animals.

We understand that ordering online at this times, bears many questions in regards of shipping and delivery of our products and as fully transparent business we want to answer them here for you, so you are aware before you order.

Is LucyPaws™ still operating?


While as every business which sells physical goods, we are experiencing some issues with shipping currently, our Team is fully operational and working from home remote, to ensure the health and safety of our staff!

Can LucyPaws™ fulfill orders?

Yes, we can fulfill orders currently with no problem, but are limited to current available stock - so hurry to get your LucyPaws™ product of your choice secured!

Can you ship orders during this crisis?

Yes, we still ship orders on a daily basis, but to be fully transparent, shipments take currently much longer then usual.

Due to the fact that most smaller parcels are usually carried from passenger planes as additional freight, these flights are now much rarer and also cargo flights are much less then before the Covid-19 crisis. This causes in Logistic centers backlogs of shipments and as every business which ships internationally, we are also effected by that.

In addition many countries keep packages for several days before they process them to make sure there is no possible infection due to shipments, which adds to the time but is highly welcomed!

Rest assured your LucyPaws™ order will arrive, just much later as usual, which unfortunately is totally out of our hands or influence.

Is it dangerous to order online from you because of Covid-19?

No absolutely not! Basically every health and disease organisation has stated that the Corona Virus does not survive the shipping time, specially not when shipped via plane and that the risk of infection is basically non existent and you can read more about here in the U.S CDC FAQ

From where do you ship your products?

We ship from various locations depending on the product and also your location, in general we ship from the contracted factory in China, a Warehouse in U.S. and a Warehouse in EU.

Why do you also ship from China?

Good Question, to be fully transparent, most of our products are manufactured according our specifications and quality requirements in China, this is these days basically the standard, even huge brands, such as Apple, Nike, Samsung and many more produce their products in contracted factories in China as it would otherwise not possible to allow for such affordable product prices for you.

So if I order from U.S I get my order from U.S Warehouse?

No, not necessarily, for once the product must be stocked in the U.S. Warehouse and as we offer free shipping it is often only possible to ship it for example from our contracted factory in china, to allow for free shipping for you.

So how long does it now really take to receive my order?

As much as we want to give you an exact estimate, since Covid-19 this is not possible anymore. Depending on your location, where shipments before Covid took 5 to 10 days, can take now 30 days or even longer in worse cases and not frequent utilized locations.

Unfortunately this is entirely depending on availability of the shipping couriers, local restrictions from your country and many other factors.

But one thing is for sure, if you patient to receive your ordered LucyPaws™ product, you will love it, as we only sell products we use our own and believe in!

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