Dear valued Customer,
thank you again for your order and your custom, we greatly appreciate it.

We know, waiting for the ordered product can be very frustrating these days and in the current situation we are in.
Our Team is working hard to make sure orders are distributed fast, but due to the current situation with Covid-19, we and so many other businesses run into severe issues with shipping times, which are entirely out of the business hands.

So we wanted to give you something special, we have created for you, while you waiting:

LucyArts Digital Art Book

Free for you!

LucyArts Digital Art Book

This digital Art Book, made by our Design Team from LucyArts, contains the design philosophy and motives behind creating them and bringing the designs and products to life and shows you incredible dog designs over 55 pages.
We hope you enjoy - Please download the desired size below!


Small Size - 36MB

Medium Size - 315MB

Biggest Size - 640MB